Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) biologia molwa; biologia miętus; przyroda wrzos zwyczajny;

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wrzos zwyczajny

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Wordnet angielsko-polski

1. (common Old World heath represented by many varieties
low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere)
wrzos zwyczajny, wrzos pospolity
synonim: heather
synonim: Scots heather
synonim: broom
synonim: Calluna vulgaris

2. (elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth)
węgorzycowate: : synonim: burbot
synonim: eelpout
synonim: cusk
synonim: Lota lota

3. (elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth)
miętus: : synonim: burbot
synonim: eelpout
synonim: cusk
synonim: Lota lota

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"I can't fathom this, it reminds me of when the pope died â?? five years ago this month," said Zofia, recalling the death of Pope John Paul II on 5 April 2005. Kaczynski had been flying to Smolensk to attend the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, when Soviet secret police executed 15,000 Polish officers in one of the most notorious incidents of the second world war. In a tragic twist, family members of the Katyn victims were on board the president's plane. Others were waiting at the airport.
George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, laid out details of the Â?550m plan yesterday, revealing it would benefit only one-third of Britain's 12.3 million married couples â?? those where there is one partner on a low to middle income and the other does not earn. They would gain Â?150 a year.
Clegg, campaigning with his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez in Sheffield, described them as a "throwback to the Edwardian era", while Gordon Brown accused the Tories of taking money away from struggling families, claiming they would make heavy cuts in child tax credits, child trust funds, Sure Start and schools.
Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health, which represents 2,500 senior specialist public health doctors, said: "Alcohol-related harm has soared under this government, which has relied too much on voluntary agreements with the industry on things like advertising, labelling and irresponsible promotion. The whole booze culture is a massive problem."
"[Ministers] have hardly dented the overall obesity problem. They need to be tougher with the food industry over both the labelling and reformulation of products to produce more lower-calories versions," said Maryon-Davis.
Behind Mickelson, Westwood was battling to maintain balance. Retaining momentum was out of the question at this point. Only one man was riding that train here and after two and a half days of high-octane play it wasn't Westwood. Ian Poulter, was clinging on as best he could to a leaderboard that must have held all the attraction of a life raft to a drifting, maybe even drowning, man.
Many Afrikaners believe the killing of Eugene Terre'Blanche was part of a plot to unleash a deadly onslaught against white farmers
New allegations that a used condom was found in the farmhouse where Terre'blanche was murdered suggest a sexual dimension to the killing is just as likely. But Major-General Van Zyl is unlikely to listen to scurrilous speculation. He now trains white South African farmers in self-defence, deep in the Afrikaner heartland of the former Transvaal. A member of the 6,000-strong Transvaal Agriculture Union (TAU), he was not expecting a drop-off in demand for his expertise.
Last month Van Zyl advised members to go on "high alert", mounting patrols and recording strangers' movements in the region. He believed that the renewed popularity of an apartheid-era black liberation song which contained the lyrics "Shoot the Boer" heralded a new era of racial conflict in South Africa. Julius Malema, the increasingly controversial ANC youth leader, has refused to drop the singing of the song at political events, despite claims that the lyrics were, in effect, an incitement to murder. Van Zyl and his neighbours are taking that as a sign of trouble to come. "We raised our level of alertness on 16 March because our members had heard reports from townships that people were being encouraged to sing the Malema song. We do not have many resources and rely only on our members' fees but it does not take a genius to work out that Malema's song was introduced to make the killing of white farmers much more acceptable," said Van Zyl. When asked by whom it was introduced, he said: "You can call it a third force or anything you like, but the song is part of a plan, that is what I mean."
Next weekend Benedict visits Malta, itself shaken after botched handling of abuse claims. It was reported this month that 45 priests had been accused of sexual offences since the creation of a church response team in 1999. None of the cases has been referred to the police â?? the retired judge who heads the project said that was the responsibility of victims and parents. The island, which has a population of 400,000, is 98% Catholic and abortion and divorce are banned.

I just read her tell Ling that he hit the wrong target.
Właśnie odczytałem z niej, jak mówiła Lingi, że uderzył w niewłaściwy cel.

Thank you Ling for being so concerned about my feelings.
Dziękuję Ling, że tak martwisz się o moje uczucia.

Ling was here, in this room, which means we're close.
Ling był tu, w tym pokoju, co oznacza, że jesteśmy blisko.

But we might have to send Ling by mail, too.
Ale moglibyśmy również wysłać Ling pocztą.

By the way, my student Ling, here, will assist you.
Przy okazji, moja uczennica Ling będzie ci pomagać.

She became an invalid and Ling dropped out of school.
Jej mama została inwalidką a Ling odeszła ze szkoły.

I'm asking you and Ling to charm a few recruits.
Proszę tylko, żebyście ty i Ling oczarowały kilku rekrutów.

My grandmother wants Ling's ashes sent back to our village.
Moja babcia chce, aby popioły Ling zostały wysłane do naszej wsi.

There might be something in there that can help Ling.
Może jest tam coś, co pomoże Ling?

Ling was just made talking to a gun dealer in Chinatown.
Ling właśnie gadał z handlarzem broni w Chinatown.

They recovered Ling's vehicle, searched it for evidence, but nothing.
Odzyskali samochód Ling'a, Przeszukali go dla dowodów, ale nic.

They tried to steal the diamond necklace that Ling sold to me.
Oni próbowali ukraść diamentowy naszyjnik, który Ling mi sprzedała.

The ray, he can play The ling's on the strings
Płaszczka, może zagrać The Iing's na strunach

I'm not saying it would work for you or Ling, but...
Wiesz, Richard, nie mówię, że to by pomogło tobie albo Ling, ale...

Zhi Ling, go downstairs and buy a bottle of water for dad ok?
Zhi Ling, zejdź na dół i kup mi butelkę wody, dobrze?

She was ling alone in a small apartment in twenty palms.
Mieszkała sama w małej miejscowości w mieszkaniu w Twenty Palms.

Since everyone detested Ling no one paid any attention to her
Odkąd wszyscy ją znienawidzili... nikt nie zwracał na nią uwagi.

I was trying to convince Ling to dance.
Chciałem przekonać Ling do tańca.

Ling was a very kind person... and she had a tough life
Ling była bardzo dobrą istotą... i miała bardzo ciężkie życie.

Well, is it possible this guy hired Ling?
Więc możliwe, że to ten facet wynajął Linga?

Professor Dippet had that ling planted when he was headmaster.
Profesor Dippet zasadził ten wrzos, gdy był tu dyrektorem.

Dang Ling, I can't understand a damn word your daddy say.
Dang Ling, Nie rozumiem ani słowa co mówił twój ojciec.

Ling, want to see a good fight?
Ling, chcesz zobaczyć niezłą walkę?

Ling, do you think every man wants you?
Ling, myślisz, że każdy facet cię pragnie?

Homer, my sister's adopted Ling, and she's doing great.
Poproszę jedną kostkę. Homer, moja siostra adoptowała Ling i świetnie sobie radzi.

You not think Ling will come for you?
Sądzisz, że Ling się do ciebie nie dobierze?

Now you want to be nice, Ling?
Teraz chcesz być miła, Ling?

This is the only known photo of Tai Ling.
To jedyne znane zdjęcie Tai Linga.

Can anybody tell me where Janet Ling's apartment is?
Czy ktoś może mnie oświecić, gdzie jest mieszkanie Janet Ling?

Ling and I plan to move in.
Ling i ja planujemy się tam wprowadzić.

The Shay Ling watch all the roads, we'll go round the back.
Shei Ling obserwują wszystkie drogi, musimy się do nich dostać od tyłu.

Never mind hi or Ling. Why am I not invited to this party?
Cześć! Nieważne, Cześć czy Ling, ale dlaczego nie jestem zaproszona?

Oh, Larry just told me something about Sun Ling.
Larry wspominał coś o Sun Ling.

No, but I did figure out who Barbi Ling is.
Nie, ale dowiedziałem się, kim jest Barbi Ling.

Ever since that day, Ling never appears again
Od tamtego dnia, Ling nigdy się już nie pokazała.

The good news is Ling's not winning.
Dobra wiadomość to taka,że Ling nie wygrywa.

Judge Ling, this is meant to be.
Sędzia Ling, tak powinno być.

Inside of that there is a charming photograph of Hong Ling and you.
A pod nim urocza fotografia. Hong Ling i ty.

Where are we at with Ling?
Gdzie jesteśmy w sprawie Linga?

Ling has written a false love letter.
Ling napisała zmyślony list miłosny.

You think Ling Husheng can escape with your assets in tow?
Myślisz ,ze Ling Husheng może uciec od twoich aktywów?

She didn't tell me, I heard her tell Ling.
Nie powiedziała mnie, słyszałem jak rozmawiały z Ling.

I'm leaving. I sent Mei Ling and the kids ahead.
Wyjeżdżam, Mei Ling i dzieci są w drodze do Tailandii.

She hired Ling to kill her husband?
Wynajęła Linga by zabił jej męża?

With a little help from Ling.
Z małą pomocą Ling.

Ling, anyone with you is alone.
Ling, każdy, kto z tobą przebywa, jest sam.

Ling's only had one day of rehearsal.
Ling miała tylko jeden dzień prób.

So, she goes to Elio, he gives her the hookup to Ling.
Więc ona idzie do Elio, daje jej namiary na Linga.

Why didn't you ask about Ling?
Dlaczego nie spytałeś o Ling?

I'll take you to Ling's grave tomorrow morning
Jutro zabiorę Cię na grób Ling.