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(Noun) medycyna lancet; budownictwo łuk ostry/lancetowaty, łuk gotycki; budownictwo okno ostrołukowe/gotyckie;
lancet fish - przyroda żaglon;
lancet window - okno ostrołukowe/gotyckie/lancetowe;
lancet arch - łuk ostry/lancetowaty, łuk gotycki;

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n C (in surgery) lancet
(archit) : ~ arch łuk lancetowy

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ostry łuk, lancet

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lancet m

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Wordnet angielsko-polski

(a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade
used for punctures and small incisions)
synonim: lance

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med. lancet

Przykłady użycia

Przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

Jest to bardzo poważne badanie; zostało ono opublikowane w The Lancet.
It is a very serious study; it was published in The Lancet.


Sacked government drugs adviser David Nutt publishes investigation in lancet reopening debate on classification.


The highly serious journal lancet Infectious Diseases yesterday posed the question itself over a paper revealing the rapid spread of multi-drug-resistant bacteria.


In an editorial on the lancet site, two experts from Canada, Dr Robert Fowler of the University of Toronto and Dr Philippe Jouvet of the University of Montreal, say: "With the luxury of post-pandemic hindsight and with the findings of Sachedina and Donaldson, we now know that the 2009-10 H1N1 infection was associated with severe illness and death in greater numbers of children and young adults than previous influenza seasons with other influenza viruses.


The lancet study looked at the health outcomes for 9,134 patients who received a kidney in one of 23 transplant centres between January 2000 and December 2007.


It is a very serious study; it was published in The Lancet.
Jest to bardzo poważne badanie; zostało ono opublikowane w The Lancet.

I came here, hung up the sword, and picked up the lancet.
Przybyłem tutaj, odwiesiłem miecz i wziąłem do ręki lancet.

Call the Lancet, because that's one bizarre allergic reaction.
bo to wszystko jedna wielka cudaczna reakcja alergiczna.

Uh, Phil asked me to coauthor the Lancet paper.
Phil prosił mnie, żebym współtworzyła dokument o lancecie.

You should have submitted it to the Lancet...
Musisz wysłać to do Lancetu.

Moesgaard read his article in The Lancet.
Moesgaard czytał jego artykuł w