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(Noun) geografia hrabstwo Kent;

(Adjective) znajomy; znany;

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"When we were kids, we'd give our eye's teeth for a bootleg of an early Bo Diddley track," says Billy Childish, who has championed localism in north Kent as part of the Medway scene of garage rock bands and the Medway Poets. "Now, you can have everything you want just when you want it. We've got this massive problem where it's Christmas every day. It's difficult to find the edges."
We exchanged phone numbers and began texting every day, even though I lived in Kent and he was in Chesterfield. Six months later, we were serious about each other, tentatively starting to plan for the future. Then we got the news Neil had always dreaded â?? his cancer had come back. "If you don't want to go on with the relationship, I'll understand," he said. Within a few hours, I'd packed the car and was on the motorway heading north. I stayed for six months.
A former investment banker, Winton Rossiter, foresees "an emerging weight incentive industry", using cash rewards for successful slimmers. His company, Weight Wins, has been in the news after the NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT announced the results of a joint trial. In a series of reports, Winton Rossiter declared the pilot a success. "We are absolutely thrilled with these results, which suggest that long-term financial incentives could be the best single weapon in the war on obesity," he said. "I urge the NHS and employers to adopt such schemes widely for the benefit of their patients and employees."
But it doesn't. NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent does not intend to repeat the experiment, describing the results as "mixed". Its assistant director of public health, Claire Martin, said: "There were high drop-out rates and so it is very difficult to interpret the results to show how successful this would be across our population." That is putting it mildly. You wonder why the trust ever got its hopes or its money up. If a high proportion of dieters was not destined to fail or to give up on his scheme, then Mr Rossiter would be running a charity, not a business. And if an NHS incentive scheme can make money, why (no offence) should it go to Mr Rossiter?
More memorable was the night when he went, aged 14, with a friend to the University of Kent campus and stole a motorbike. It was around 4am when they were caught with the bike, which they had been driving at speed around the campus. They left the bike and fled.
BP's senior vice-president Kent Wells said engineers were going to drill an additional 900ft down before trying to intersect the ruptured well with heavy mud. He indicated it would take time to bridge that seemingly short distance. BP has said it hopes to complete the relief well by August.
Everyone at Gerrard Dennis's online swimwear business, run out of a business park in Kent with his wife Jo, is enthusiastic about Apple. The marketing department use Apple computers, senior staff have iPhones. So it came as a shock when Dennis received an email from Apple earlier this year informing him the iPhone app he had spent several thousand pounds developing, advertising his Simply Beach range, had been banned due to sexual connotations.
Recommendations, put forward by the MPs to the ministries of defence and justice, include: giving those returning from combat a psychological assessment before they leave the service, with special attention to alcohol or drug issues; asking police to monitor arrested veterans and refer them if necessary to specialist help (currently being piloted by Kent police); requiring GPs to ask if patients have served in the forces; and completion of a thorough justice ministry survey, using probation and prison officers, to ascertain how many veterans are currently in the criminal justice system.
Police in Kent running a pilot scheme to record the number of veterans entering the criminal justice system found that over the last three months, 326 former military personnel were arrested, a third for violent offences. Hampshire, North Wales, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and North Yorkshire are planning to adopt a similar scheme.
Other cases are less clear but show the multiple conclusions cases of retrograde amnesia tend to offer. There was the "Piano Man" found wandering by Kent police in 2005, who drew a grand piano but four months later was identified as German care worker Andreas Grassl. In the same year, the documentary Unknown White Male publicised the story of New York-based Brit Doug Bruce who walked into a Coney Island police station in 2003 and said he didn't know who he was. Michel Gondry, director of the memory loss-themed Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, met Bruce and publicly doubted his story.

Kent, where have you been for the last two months?
Kent, gdzieś ty był przez ostatnie 2 miesiące?

Maybe he considered the Kent case a conflict of interest.
Może uważał, że sprawa Kenta to konflikt interesów.

Go back to Kent and tell your men to rise up.
Wróć do hrabstwa Kent i powiedz swoim ludziom, aby powstali.

Kent, shouldn't you be on your way to the airport?
Kent! Czy ty nie powinienieś być już w drodze na lotnisko?

Kent, I'm just really not convinced by the latest test results.
Kent, ja po prostu nie jestem przekonany do ostatnich wyników testów.

None of these people were armed when Kent went in there.
Żaden z tych ludzi nie był uzbrojony gdy Kent wszedł tam.

Chris, please, just sleep with Kent and then tell me all about it.
Chris, proszę, prześpij się z Kentem a potem opowiedz mi jak było.

Well, it's supposed to be, but that's only what they say in Kent.
Powinien być, ale tak mówią tylko w Kent.

It's tough seeing yourself the way others see you, isn't it, Kent?
Niełatwo widzieć siebie tak, jak inni cię widzą, prawda Kent?

So he was still at his home in Kent.
Więc był jeszcze w swoim domu w hrabstwie Kent.

Well, one way or the other, Kent State is not good.
Tak czy inaczej, w Kent Stan źle się stało.

Have you found any other significant new evidence against Miss Kent?
Czy masz inne, nowe dowody na niekorzyść Miss Kent?

Kent, I just texted you that the plan was off.
Kent, właśnie ci napisałam, że odwołujemy plan.

But Kent's unit, they were one of the best I ever had.
Ale oddział Kenta, był najlepszym jaki kiedykolwiek miałem.

By the time we got to Kent, it-it was too late.
Do czasu aż dotarliśmy do Kenta, było już za późno.

Miss Kent, it was a metal plate from a music box that you bought.
Panno Kent, to była metalowa płytka z pozytywki, którą pani kupiła.

I always knew there was something special about you, Clark Kent.
Zawsze wiedziałam, że coś w tobie jest specjalnego.

Then Kent rushes in, sees the first guy, blows him away.
Nagle Kent wbiega do środka, widzi pierwszego gościa i rozwala go.

What is it with you and my girlfriend, Kent?
Co jest między tobą, a moją dziewczyną, Kent?

Lois, why don't you take Kent out to meet everybody, huh?
Lois, dlaczego ty nie bierzesz Kenta z spotkać każdego, huh?

Kent told me he's gay, and even worse, he likes Chris!
Kent powiedział mi, że jest gejem, nawet gorzej, podoba mu się Chris!

To be honest, it wasn't a unanimous decision at the Kent household.
Mówiąc szczerze, to nie była jednomyślna decyzja.

You'd be wise to leave Miss Kent out of this.
Mógłbyś zostawić pannę Kent zdala od tego. - Dlaczego?

Start talking, or the biography of clark kent comes to a sudden, tragic end!
Zacznij mówić, albo biografia Clarka Kenta, zakończy się tragicznie.

Or just part of the mystery that is Clark Kent.
Albo część tajemnicy, jaką jest Clark Kent.

Jonathan Kent, you have no place in this conversation.
Jonathanie Kencie, Nie ma dla ciebie miejsca w tej rozmowie!

I'm sure Kent didn't know you had evidence like that, Deputy.
Kent chyba nie wiedział, że masz taki dowód, zastępco.

Stevie Kent's saying there's a problem with the deal.
Stevie Kent mówi, że jest problem z umową.

Kent probably thought he was being attacked, so he burst through the door.
Kent pomyślał, że jest atakowany więc wdarł się przez drzwi.

Kent became a father, with their own children.
Kent stał się ojcem i sam miał własne dzieci.

I'm Clark Kent, an old friend of your mom's from before you were born.
Jestem Clark Kent. Byłem przyjacielem twojej mamy, zanim się urodziłeś.

We could be wonder woman and clark kent after a really, really bad date.
Wonder Woman i Clark Kent po naprawdę złej randce.

Same as last night. Is Miss Kent still with you?
Czy panna Kent jest nadal przy tobie?

We played them earlier that year at Kent State.
Graliśmy z nimi jakiś rok wcześniej w Kent State.

Some guy named Clark Kent's keeping him out on his farm.
Jakiś gość, który nazywa się Clark Kent, trzyma go na swojej farmie.

Now maybe you can understand why I want you to pay Kent the money.
Może teraz zrozumiesz, czemu chcę abyś zapłacił Kentowi pieniądze.

They find that it makes good sense to smoke Kent and good smoking, too.
Odkryli oni, że właściwe jest palenie Kentów. To dobre palenie.

I believe I am not likely to leave Kent for some time.
Przez jakiś czas nie będę mogła opuszczać Kentu.

Okay. Kent and I are taking dance lessons for our wedding.
Kent i ja... bierzemy lekcje tańca na nasz ślub.

Yeah, but what am I telling the press about Kent State?
Tak, ale co ja powiem prasie o Kent State?

I sent Kent and Lefferts to cover the back, so no one could run.
Wysłałem Kenta i Lefferts by osłaniali tyły, by nikt nie uciekł.

You're still the same clark kent to me.
Dla mnie wciąż jesteś tym samym Clarkiem Kentem.

If Clark Kent doesn't show up in the next five seconds, he's fired.
Jeśli Clark Kent nie pojawi się za pięć sekund, zwalniam go.

I've asked certain questions of those inmates, including Constance Kent.
Mam kilka pytań do mieszkańców, w tym Constance Kent.

Local newsman Kent Brockman shows up to report on the situation.
Na miejsce wydarzenia przybywa lokalny dziennikarz Kent Brockman i zaczyna je relacjonować.

Kent brockman has, in his own little world, got it goin' on.
Kent Brockman ma w swoim małym świecie wszystko pod kontrolą

Okay, take five. Kent and Turner, you're in the final.
Ok, pięć minut przerwy Kent, Turner - jesteście w finałach

Meet me at Kent Avenue and 9th Street in an hour.
Spotkajmy sie na rogu Kent Avenue i 9-tej ulicy za godzine.

Jodie Kent stayed later, and when she returned from her break,
Jodie Kent została dłużej i kiedy wróciła z przerwy,

Kent, you're everything a woman could possibly want.
Kent, jesteś wszystkim czego mogę pragnąć od faceta.