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(Noun) Kensington;

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"Raising the state pension age will hit the less well-off far more than the rich. Sixty-five-year-old men in Kensington and Chelsea can expect to live a further 23 years, while those in Glasgow only 14 years.
In Blackpool, for example, men live for an average of 73.6 years, which is 10.7 fewer than men in Kensington and Chelsea in central London, who reach 84.3 years. Similarly, women in the Lancashire town typically die at 78.8 years â?? 10.1 years earlier than those in the London borough, who reach an average 89.9.
And then there's the photograph â?? all over the papers again since the announcement that he is to be released on bail after serving nearly half of his sentence for fraud â?? of Conrad Black and his wife Barbara Amiel, looking like Cardinal Richelieu and Marie Antoinette (respectively) at an 18th century-style ball at Kensington Palace in 2000. It has been causing snorts of delighted disgust for a decade. It could be interpreted as crimson proof of a pathological lack of self-awareness that allowed the multi-millionaire press baron to appear like the power-crazed, deal-brokering minister to Louis XIII, and his famously vain, gold-plated-loo-loving wife to look like the woman who urged breadless peasants to eat cake. Or it could be seen as a profound glorying in every aspect of their existence; either way, the picture remains as delicious as any slice of chocolate gateau.
hael: Cartoons and Tapestries for the Sistine Chapel, at the V&A South Kensington from 8 September to 17 October.
May grew up in Hampton, in London. His father was a draughtsman who famously helped his son to build his first electric guitar by hand. He met the other members of Queen in 1971 or thereabouts, when they were all university students (or in the case of their singer, Freddie Mercury, an art student) in London. Now I've met May, it's hard to imagine him getting together with Mercury. He is very straight, and rock was then so macho, and Mercury was camp long before camp went mainstream. "It was just the music. We saw in each other a mirror. We lived it night and day." He first clapped eyes on Freddie in the now-defunct Kensington Market. "He was wandering round in some Edwardian outfit, a pompom in his hand. Put yourself in that time. Look at pictures of Robert Plant. Fabulous curls, beautifully lit. We had the same attitude. Rock was a show. There was a dandy metrosexual thing going on at Kensington Market. You couldn't tell who was gay and who wasn't, and why would you bother? That was the stoking energy behind Queen." When Mercury joined the band â?? he persuaded them he was the right front man â?? he ran around a lot during rehearsals and screamed like a madman. "It was scary. We still weren't sure [about him]. But it was exciting. There was a great feeling of danger."
â?? Everything about the Acne show screamed hot ticket, from the miniature guestlist (80 seats) to the talking-point venue (the Kensington Palace apartment that was once home to Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret) and the pre-show champagne waiters in wader-length tuxedo trousers and mini LED announcement boards where their bow ties should be. Acne's USP is a determined contemporarism: no rent-a-retro-reference, it is all about how we wear clothes now. Key shapes for summer: racer back dresses layered over poshsheer T-shirts, and the new BTK (below the knee) length. Put your name on the waiting list for the perfect black silk parka now, before everyone else does.
The unbalanced structure of economic growth over the past decade has fed straight through to a disastrous social geography, bypassing the least advantaged and rewarding the wealthy. Throughout the country the poor and disadvantaged live in ever more concentrated wards that are blighted by run-down social housing and over-stretched schools. Within a single regional health authority, those in the most well-off ward can typically expect to live for 14 years longer than those in the most deprived ward. The roll-call of the deprived is bitterly familiar: east London's Hackney and Tower Hamlets, Liverpool's Knowsley, parts of Manchester, Middlesbrough and Rochdale continue to reel from deprivation, while local authorities like Richmond upon Thames, Kensington and Chelsea and Forest Heath in east Suffolk power on. The New Labour government attempted to alleviate this polarisation through interventions such as Sure Start â?? a national network of children's centres to support young families â?? investing in social housing, incentivising work, developing apprenticeship and trying to improve failing schools. At best, it achieved small gains and held the line; at worst, its initiatives were overwhelmed by the way in which the economy has developed.
Astonished partygoers recorded yesterday's episode on Twitter under the hashtag #franzen, which rapidly evolved into #glassesgate. "Helicopter above Kensington Gardens, trying to find #Franzen glasses. Apparently miscreants jumped into Serpentine to escape," tweeted the Bookseller's news editor Graeme Neill, adding later, "I can't think of anything over the past few years that was such a mix of shock, disbelief and hilarity." The Guardian's Merope Mills, who was at the event, tweeted that the publisher's speeches were "embarrassingly self-flagellating. 'Jonathan - we're SO SO sorry'." A (fictional) photograph of the missing glasses swiftly appeared for auction on eBay, but was later taken down.
Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, and Kensington & Chelsea would keep councillors but share frontline staff
The London boroughs of Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, and Kensington & Chelsea said all their services could be merged to generate savings of Â?50m to Â?100m a year.

Control asked me to come to a flat in Kensington.
Kontroler poprosił, bym przyjechał do mieszkania w Kensington.

You think somebody from the Kensington household came over and pulled this one too?
Myślisz, że ten ktoś z Kensington, wpadł i to samo zrobił tutaj?

I just want to get home to Kensington!
Ja chcę tylko wrócić do domu w Kensington.

Shit, gus, they even sold the building in kensington.
Kurwa, Gus, sprzedali nawet budynek w Kensington.

Him and dad together at parties in Kensington.
Razem na imprezach, w Kensigton...

Now, Miss Kensington, did diversity jurisdiction exist in this case?
A teraz, panno Kensington... czy różnorodność interpretacji miała miejsce w tym przypadku?

The Kensington safe was broken into last night.
Ostatniej nocy włamano się do sejfu w Kensington.

Of all my life in Kensington, it's the only part I'il miss.
Z całego mojego życia w Kensington to jedyne, czego mi brakuje.

He said they were for my protection, and he called it the Kensington System.
Mówił, że to dla mojego bezpieczeństwa, i nazwał jej Systemem Kensington.

Up toHammersmith, take the A4 through Kensington and you're there.
Do Hammersmith, potem drogą A4 przez Kensington i dojechałeś.

We're here to talk about what Laura Kensington told the Coopersmiths.
Rozmawiamy o tym, co Laura Kensington powiedziała Coopersmithom.

Anything on the Kensington situation?
Coś się dzieje w sprawie Kensington?

Laura Kensington was not here.
Laura Kensignton tutaj nie była.

Ms. Kensington, which would you prefer?
Panna Kensington, którego by pani wolała?

East Kensington. Echo Park. She begged me to call.
East Kensington, Echo Park. Prosiła, żebym zadzwonił. Czeka tam na pana.

Kensington Chubb here. Saul, it's me. He's in his room.
Mówi Kensington Chubb. Saul, to ja. Jest już w pokoju.

Laura Kensington says it's hers.
Laura Kensington powiedziała, że ta jest jej.

Lady, this ain't trotting in Kensington Gardens.
To nie przejażdżka po Kensington Gardens.

I have a hairdressing salon in South Kensington-- Casa tindolini.
Mam salon fryzjerski w South Kensington Casa Tindolini.

Bombing of pillar-box, Kensington High Street.
Zbombardowanie poczty na ulicy Kensington High.

East Kensington, Echo Park.
East Kensington, Echo Park.

Mrs. Kensington, you know Alfie and I would never--
Pani Kensington!! Pani musi wiedzieć, że Alfie i ja nigdy byśmy...

Kensington Park Road, Kensington Gardens, Kensington bloody Park Gardens...
Kensington Park Road, Kensington Garden, - Kensington Park Garden...