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(Noun) geografia Australia;

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Przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

And not uniquely but certainly, the octopus in Australia are masters at camouflage.
I, choć nie tylko tam, to w Australii ośmiornice to z pewnością mistrzowie kamuflażu.


(Laughter) These are sea lions in Australia doing their own dance, by David Doubilet.
(Śmiech) To są lwy morskie w Australii podczas swojego tańca, autorstwa Davida Doubilet.


In Australia they did it -- this research company, called SymbioticA.
W związku z tym, zadaniem studentów było stworzenie projektu steku przyszłości.


We have had adverse weather conditions in Australia for three consecutive years.
Od trzech lat odnotowujemy niekorzystne warunki pogodowe w Australii.


This was done by Saatchi and Saatchi, and they actually got away with this ad in Australia.
Wykonali to Saatchi&Saatchi, ta reklama została użyta w Australii.


Snap, which is opening a UK office to cope with the demand for support from victims, said it "fully expected" meetings with abuse victims to happen in the UK. But victims' groups warned that such meetings must be open and transparent. Similar meetings in Australia and the US had been clandestine and orchestrated, they said, with church leaders selecting suitable candidates for encounters that, despite their secret and unofficial nature, attracted positive headlines.
Maeve Lewis, from One in Four, said: "In Australia and the USA, there was no opportunity for victims to set their own agenda. There was no chance to ask difficult questions."
For the couple, caught in the middle, the personal cost has been high. As the spotlight turned on them, the story began to spin out of control. It soon emerged that the 28-year-old Malik â?? currently banned from international cricket for a year for his conduct on a tour of Australia â?? was already married to a woman he claimed to have never met.
8.50am Fans of Australia and quackery rejoice: Harry Kewell has apparently been 'cured by witch-doctor'. Actually, that's misrepresenting what is a readable - if stereotypical - piece on the subject of witch doctors and their influence from the Herald and Sun.
Germany (Andescher Doppelbock Dunkel, Schneider Weisse, Beck's)Australia (Coopers Sparkling Ale, Foster's, Little Creatures Pale Ale)Serbia (Jelen Pivo)Ghana (Star)
Nobody has had Star from Ghana, even though it looks nice and is described on Beer Genie as "crisp and slightly sweet". Serbia's Jelen Pivo has a fantastically melodramatic label, while Oliver Owen tells me that the main Serbian beer â?? Bip â?? is lovely. So they finish above Australia on goal difference in the best group yet.
9.50am "I wonder whether England's game tonight is going to be as close as the world rankings suggest," writes Kevin McCarra from somewhere that isn't King's Cross. "Maybe I'm oversimplifying but you wouldn't fancy trying to stop Wayne Rooney with Jay DeMerit, a Watford defender who has some notion that he has done well against him despite Wayne scoring three goals in those two matches. The other likely centre-back Oguchi Onyewu has a better pedigree as a Milan player, but has hardly appeared since the autumn because of knee trouble. Last week's friendly with Australia didn't suggest the US excel at closing down the opposition's midfield either. Advance apologies to those who believe that positive views are a jinx for England."
With their first-choice front row in place, Australia would surely have won by a country mile. Injuries gave England a golden chance to mask the gulf in backline sharpness but it would have been a travesty had they done so. The old taunt in these parts used to be "Is that all you've got?" It was a sneering reference to the perceived overreliance on Jonny Wilkinson's boot. But the jibe now needs updating. For the first 30 minutes, Johnson's England were effectively a front row with a dozen other blokes making up the numbers.
If a marked improvement is not forthcoming in Sydney this coming Saturday, the big man's formidable reputation as a player will grow ever more irrelevant. The first half, in particular, was as slapdash as England have been in the Johnsonian era. The missed-tackle count entering the second quarter was Australia 1 England 22. Their kick chase was ordinary, their lack of zip painful to behold. The Wallabies, even with a nonexistent scrum platform, could easily have had four tries on the board by the interval rather than two. After the half-time hooter had gone there was a telling snapshot when Toby Flood deliberately kicked a half-decent turnover ball straight out before making a beeline for the tunnel. England's confidence was visibly in bits.
10am: Serbia striker Nikola Zigic says his team will not fear Germany when they met in Port Elizabeth on Friday. "We need to forget about Ghana and go for it in the remaining two matches," he said. "We won't be going for four points but for all six, although there are some permutations where a draw and a win would suffice for us. Germany were excellent against Australia but they had an one-man advantage for the entirety of the second half."

Because, two of our players will make Australia to win.
Ponieważ, dwie z naszych zawodniczek pozwolą Australii wygrać.

If we said this was Australia everybody would believe us.
Jeśli powiemy, że bylismy w Australii, to wszyscy uwierzyliby.

Some girl from Australia, that's what you need to find.
Musisz znaleźć jakąś dziewczynę z Australii.

Look, this is an opportunity for me to go to Australia.
Zobaczy, to jest dla mnie szansa, ten wyjazd do Australii.

Starting to think Australia might be nice this time of year.
Zaczynam myśleć, że Australia może być przyjemna o tej porze roku.

Normally my sister would go but she's just moved to Australia.
Moja siostra by pojechała, ale wyprowadziła się właśnie do Australii.

Just wait till next summer, when you visit me in Australia.
Po prostu poczekaj do następnego lata, kiedy przylecisz do Australii i mnie odwiedzisz.

That's one of the reasons we ended up in Australia.
To jeden z powodów dla których znaleźliśmy się w Australii.

I look forward to delivering that message next week in Australia.
Przekażę ten komunikat w przyszłym tygodniu w Australii.

You went to Australia to see if the glove box works.
Poleciałeś do Australii, żeby zobaczyć, czy schowek na rękawiczki działa.

They still don't know that 500 sheep are coming from Australia!
Oni nadal nie wiedzą, że te 500 owiec pochodzi z Australii!

I think he's on a boat sailing back to Australia.
Pewnie jest już na łodzi i płynie do Australii.

What do you know about a covert operation in Australia?
Co wiesz o tajnej operacji w Australii?

I don't care what they do in Australia now.
Nie obchodzi mnie, co robią teraz w Australii.

He took off for Australia and left him when he was ten.
Który wyjechał z Australii i zostawił go kiedy on miał dziesięć lat.

I think he went to Australia to learn it.
Myślę, że pojechał do Australii, żeby się go nauczyć.

Experts are saying this could be one of the worst storms in Australia's history.
Eksperci uważają, że może to być jedna z najgorszych burz w historii Australii.

I've got a 15-year-old daughter who lives with her mother in South Australia.
Mam 15-letnią córkę, która mieszka z matką w południowej Australia.

I'm coming back from Australia soon, so I hope to see you.
Niedługo wracam z Australii, więc liczę na to, że się zobaczymy.

Two days ago, we never thought we'd be in Australia, but we here!
Dwa dni temu, nie myśleliśmy że wylądujemy w Australia, a jednak!

We have had adverse weather conditions in Australia for three consecutive years.
Od trzech lat odnotowujemy niekorzystne warunki pogodowe w Australii.

You can't even get me an onion and you're rambling about going to Australia.
Nie potrafisz nawet przynieść mi cebuli i paplasz o wyjeździe do Australii?

Australia is home to the most venomous snakes in the world.
Australia jest domem dla najbardziej jadowitych węży na świecie.

I'm going to Australia next week so I gotta move things along.
Idę do Australii obok tygodnie więc muszę coś robić swoje.

We can't wait for the kind of drought Australia had tochange our political culture.
Nie możemy czekać na tego rodzaju suszę jaką miałaAustralia, by zmienić naszą kulturę polityczną.

In the case of the agreement with Australia, there has not yet been a review of how well it is working.
W przypadku porozumienia z Australią nie było jeszcze przeglądu jego działania.

Australia has announced the core elements of its system.
Australia przedstawiła najważniejsze elementy swojego systemu.

Our allies in Australia and Canada are leaving us behind.
Nasi sojusznicy w Australii i Kanadzie pozostawiają nas w tyle.

Two tickets to the other side of the world, Sydney, Australia.
Dwa bilety na drugą stronę świata, Sydney, Australia.

Well, the owners emigrated to Australia so they're motivated to sell.
Właściciele emigrowali do Australii, więc bardzo chcą go sprzedać.

I'll put it in my pocket, leave this room, and take it to Australia.
Wsadzę to do mojej kieszeni, wyjdę stąd, i polecę do Australi.

The production of the current marketing year was recently revised downwards in certain countries, including Australia.
W niektórych krajach, w tym także w Australii, dane dotyczące produkcji w bieżącym roku gospodarczym zostały ostatnio zweryfikowane i skorygowane w dół.

I learned so much from that center from Australia.
Nauczyłąm się tak dużo z tego australijskiego ośrodka.

I even lived in Australia for a year.
Nawet mieszkałam przez rok w Australii.

Five million shearwaters have flown almost ten thousand miles from Australia to get here.
Pięć milionów Shearwaters przelatuje prawie dziesięć tysięcy mil z Australii aby tu dotrzeć.

Come on over, meet this guy from Australia!
Podejdź do nas, poznam cię z człowiekiem z Australii!

She knew about it, and moved to Australia.
Wiedziała o tym i przeprowadziła się do Australii.

Yesterday, Australia announced a package to fight climate change.
Wczoraj pakiet mający na celu walkę ze zmianami klimatycznymi ogłosiła Australia.

Australia is perfect for starting a new life.
Australia jest idealna, żeby zacząć nowe życie.

Sell it and go with me to Australia.
Sprzedaj go i leć ze mną do Australii.

Australia has, twice in the last four hours.
Australia odebrała, dwa w ciągu ostatnich czterech godzin.

Ladies and gentlemen, the forest fires in Australia have led to a tragic loss of life over recent days.
Panie i panowie! Pożary lasów w Australii doprowadziły w ostatnich dniach do tragicznych ofiar śmiertelnych.

Maybe running a rental car outfit in Australia or somewhere...
Może będę miała wypożyczalnię samochodów w Australii albo gdzieś indziej...

You and Bernard have been asked to accept a dangerous mission to Australia.
Ty i Bernard zostaliście poproszeni, by przyjąć... niebezpieczna misja w Australii.

I always wanted to go back to Australia where I was born.
Zawsze chciałem wrócić do Australii, gdzie się urodziłem.

In Western Australia these dolphins have taken on an ever tougher challenge.
W Zachodniej Australii te delfiny wzięły na siebie jeszcze większe wyzwanie.

And so Australia becomes a vital cog in this grand endeavor.
A więc Australia staje się ważnym elementem tego wielkiego przedsięwzięcia.

And, also, I have enough frequent flyer miles to get us to Australia tonight.
Mam również nabitą wystarczającą ilość mil, żeby zabrać nas dziś do Australii.

That poor went Australia to earn some money.
Ten biedak wyjechał do Australii, by trochę zarobić.

In fact, he became an international celebrity, travelling from Alaska to Australia.
Stał się międzynarodową gwiazdą, podróżował od Alaski po Australię.