Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) Abel;

Nowoczesny słownik angielsko-polski

syn Adama i Ewy)

Abel (postać biblijna

ECTACO słownik angielsko-polski Słowniki elektroniczne Ectaco do nabycia u wydawcy


Praktyczny słownik religijny angielsko-polski 2005, Krzysztof Czekierda

im. Abel

Słownik religii angielsko-polski

Abel m pr

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It was 1989, Marrs' Pump up the Volume had changed music and acid house had kicked in. The Essex boys were 17 and on their way to the coolest place in the world, Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza. My friends had booked the holiday weeks before but I was under the thumb or, as my friends would have it, "a love wank". A label that I could never get my head around, but strangely understood its connotations. At 11am on the actual day of the trip I gave in and went down to the travel agent (pre-internet days, you understand) and booked my summer of love.
Since the label launched as a menswear brand in 1994, it has developed and honed it's original rock-inspired formula â?? a look that has been one of the key overall trends in fashion during the past decade. In recent years, the label's advertising images have depicted models who look like they've just stepped out of a music video.
The signature look revolves around crumpled fabrics and clothes that often to the untrained eye might appear to be lopsided. Their logo, most recognisable on their fine gauge knitwear, is a ram's skull. In addition, the label sells commercial pieces, such as shoes, battered denim and skinny leather jackets, all given the AllSaints rock-like remix.
The fact that as a label they have stuck to honing a strong brand identity is key to their appeal. They do not pander to seasonal catwalk-driven trends, instead building up a loyal consumer base who know roughly what to expect each time they visit the store.
It is not a label for everyone though. Firstly, and despite the fact that a lot of its clothes are quite young in spirit, it's not cheap. Secondly, it is not always easy to work out how to wear the clothes, which sometimes feature one quirk too many. Lastly, sometimes it is the label of choice for fairly bland celebrities who want a route to instant edge.
It was on another trip home, a star by now, that Kebede met the local traditional weavers, who were losing their jobs due to a decline in demand. She giggles quietly and sighs: "I promised to come up with something to help." She launched Lemlem (meaning "to flourish" in Amharic), a line of cotton children's clothes hand spun and embroidered in Ethiopia, as a way to inspire economic independence in her native country. "Once mums bought pieces for their kids, of course they asked for bigger sizes for themselves," Kebede boasts. Now the label offers womenswear, gifts and accessories â?? simple, soft striped shawls and dresses. And as one of few ethical ranges to make it into high-end fashion stores Matches and Net-a-porter.com, it is doing phenomenally well.
The paper adds that the earplugs, marketed as the 'Vuvu-Stop', have a label on the back of the packet which reads: 'Highly effective noise reduction. Uses include soccer, rugby, or for couch potatoes to block out your wife's moaning.'
One of the grandes dames of the UK's literary scene, Bainbridge was a prolific writer whose short, dark comic novels â?? which invariably included a streak of tragedy - landed her five shortlistings for the Man Booker prize (and the label of perennial Booker bridesmaid), made her a two-time winner of the Whitbread award and saw her awarded a DBE in 2000.
St Ebbe's is one such in Oxford; its congregation includes hundreds of women, many of them young, many of them in high-powered careers. Most, nevertheless, would accept the church's teaching that they cannot preach, teach or lead the congregation, because they must not have authority over men. "The Biblical argument is that before the Fall, before anything went wrong, there was an order in creation," explains Annabel Heywood, the church's women's worker, who is allowed to teach women and children, but may only "act as a helper" to men. "Adam was formed first, not Eve."
It will contain some good news for the Met. The report will back commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson's decision to drop the label that the force is "institutionally racist". This was found to be the case in 1999 by the inquiry into the police failings that allowed the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence to escape justice.

You have no idea what she has done for Abel.
Nie masz pojęcia, co dla niego zrobiła.

It's what he found in storage when Abel was born.
To właśnie znalazł w graciarni, kiedy Abel się urodził.

Why is it okay? you covering up for someone, abel?
Dlaczego ci to nie przeszkadza? Chronisz kogoś, Abel?

Abel and I are still looking for a compatible donor.
Abel i ja wciąż szukamy kompatybilnego dawcy.

You still have to tell Abel that I'm his mother.
I tak musisz powiedzieć Ablowi, że jestem jego matką.

Abel will not forbid his son to attend the ceremony.
Abel nie zabroni swojemu synowi brania udziału w ceremonii

Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and slew him.
Kain powstał przeciwko bratu swemu i go zabił,

Abel, what are you doing with my foot?
Abel, co robisz z moją stopą?

Abel, I'm not asking you to write a poem.
Abel. Nie chcę, żebyś napisał wiersz.

Abel got into trouble when he was 16.
Abel wpadł w kłopoty gdy miał 16 lat.

If you have a problem with me assisting on Abel's case...
Jeśli masz problem, że pomagam przy sprawie Abla,

Abel Gideon is having a difference of opinion about who he is.
Abel Gideon ma odmienną opinię na temat tego kim jest.

I don't want her finding out about Abel.
Nie chcę, żeby dowiedziała się o Ablu.

This is the armchair where Abel reads his paper.
To jest fotel, w którym Abel czyta swoją gazetę.

What if it did? He said to call him, 247. Abel, listen.
A jeśli to prawda? Mam do niego dzwonić o każdej porze.

Abel Rosenberg escaped the police escort which was taking him to the railroad station.
Abel Rosenberg uciekł policyjnej eskorcie, która prowadziła go na stację.

You and Simon will help Abel at work tomorrow.
Ty i Simon pomożecie Abelowi jutro w pracy.

But Margaret just updated my insurance status to cover Abel's stay.
Ale Margaret właśnie zmieniła mój stan w ubezpieczeniu, żeby pokryć pobyt Abla.

Jax and Abel are covered under your insurance now.
Jax i Abel są teraz objęci twoim ubezpieczeniem.

Cain, I ask you again, where is thy brother Abel?
Kain, pytam cię ponownie, gdzie twój brat, Abel?

Abel and I are elderly now... and we still live here.
Abel i ja się postarzeliśmy, ale nadal w nim mieszkamy.

It was Abel who really knew him.
To Abel tak naprawdę go znał.

Abel doesn't even know who you are.
Abel nie wie nawet, kim jesteś.

So was Cain and Abel, and we've played it often.
Tak samo jak Kain i Abel... co często graliśmy.

Okay? He's my husband, and Abel is our son.
To jest mój mąż, a Abel jest moim synem.

We want everybody looking for Abel.
Chcemy, żeby wszyscy szukali Abla.

You want Abel in your life?
Chcesz Abla w swoim życiu?

One morning I received a form from Abel, for Junon's tests.
Pewnego ranka otrzymałam formularz od Abela na testy dla Junon.

Are you tryingto choke me to death, Abel?
Chcesz zadusić mnie na śmierć, Abel?

What happened to Abel's not your fault.
Co się stało z Ablem, to nie twoja wina.

Why don´t you say something, Abel?
Czemu nic nie mówisz, Abel?

So Abel Plenkov is dead, but his ghost isn't.
Abel Plenkov jest martwy, ale jego duch żyje.

Please be nice to me, Abel.
Proszę bądź miły, Abel.

One of the people I met at that time was Abel Chikomo, whom we have also mentioned in this resolution.
Jedną z osób, które spotkałam w tamtym czasie, był Abel Chikomo, o którym wspominaliśmy również w tej rezolucji.

You are a stupid man, Abel.
Jesteś głupim człowiekiem, Abel.

Abel Gideon is still at large.
Abel Gideon jest wciąż na wolności.

Abel, everything is all right.
Ależ Abel, jest nam chyba dobrze.

Who killed his brother, Abel.
Który zabił swego brata Abla.

You and Abel anointed her pater familias and she went crazy.
Ty i Abel hołdowaliście jej świętemu pater familias i zwariowała.

The second occurs soon after, in the first great tragedy that overcomes the first human children Cain and Abel.
Druga pojawia się wkrótce, w pierwszej wielkiej tragedii, której doświadczają pierwsze dzieci człowieka, Kain i Abel.

Abel, have Sarah drive to May's house, with Leah.
Abel, niech Sarah i Leah jadą do domu May.

Take them to Prior Puffin and tell him that Brother Abel sent you.
Powiedz Przeorowi Maskonurowi, że przysłał cię Brat Abel.

So that's what the Lord done said to Cain when he done killed Abel.
Tak powiedział Pan do Kaina, kiedy ten zabił Abla.

Do you know who Abel Plenkov was?
Wiesz, kim był Abel Plenkov?

Abel, come on, turn it off!
Abel, wyłącz to.

So Abel would get to Heaven sooner.
By Abel dotarł do nieba wcześniej.

Cain and Abel is in the Bible.
Kain i Abel są w Biblii.

He doesn't save stupid people, Abel.
On nie ocala głupich ludzi, Abel.

Tara said it's okay-- you can see Abel.
Tara powiedziała, że możesz zobaczyć Abla.

In 1965, Abel and Junon had a son:
W 1965, Abel i Junon mieli syna: