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(Noun) madonna;
the madonna - religia Madonna, N.M. Panna;

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N. M. Panna

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(rel.) Madonna, Najświętsza Panna
madonna (w sztuce)

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Praktyczny słownik religijny angielsko-polski 2005, Krzysztof Czekierda

chrz. Matka Boska

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I filmed myself dancing to Madonna's "Justify My Love."
Nagrałem siebie tańczącego do utworu Madonny "Justify My Love."


And I'd really hate to upset Madonna.
A ja bym bardzo nie chciała denerwować Madonny.


But, what's this? In the space of the last year, a curious thing has happened. Older women have become increasingly visible in the arena in which, above all others, nubile youth has long trumped all else: fashion. Of all the spheres of influence in which youth and beauty could be relied upon to rule with an iron grip, fashion has long been the most ruthless. (Best ever fashion-world horror story for pure terrifying evilness â?? I'm assuming it's apocryphal â?? is about the parties held by Rachel Zoe's mini-me starlets in LA at the height of the size-zero obsession, where the guest list consisted of a pair of weighing scales at the door, and no girls weighing more than 100lbs were allowed in.) Yet next season's Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, unveiled last week, stars Madonna (51). Hot label of the moment Celine â?? the campaign every model must have wanted this season â?? has chosen a veteran face from the 1990s superwaif era, Emma Balfour (40). Balenciaga stars Stella Tennant (39); Louis Vuitton, whose new collection was dubbed "And God Created Woman" by designer Marc Jacobs, featured Elle Macpherson (47) on the catwalk and stars Christy Turlington (41) in its latest print campaign. Glossy magazines at both ends of the style spectrum have chosen older models for their latest issues: Macpherson is on the cover of the new Tatler, while Dazed features Kristen McMenamy (46) as the newstand face of an issue dedicated to "iconic models" on sale tomorrow.
Camille Paglia has already been to work on some of these questions in a piece in the Sunday Times last weekend. It wasn't positive. She called Gaga a "ruthless recycler of other people's work", and suggested there was an "essential depressiveness and spiritual paralysis" about her. She compared her negatively with David Bowie, Madonna, Marlene Dietrich and Elton John. And what seemed to irk her most was what she considers Gaga's fundamental lack of sex appeal. "Gaga isn't sexy at all," she wrote. "She's like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution? . . . Marlene and Madonna gave the impression, true or false, of being pansexual. Gaga, for all her writhing and posturing, is asexual."
Yet Stefani Germanotta's celebrity status (sorry â?? I just physically cannot make my fingers type the word "Gaga" in a sentence that is intended to have an actual point) has nothing to do with her music. It's to do with her persona, one that has been repeatedly described, with no discernible irony, as "original", "feminist" and "iconic", with the latter two qualities being dependent on the first, which is precisely where the whole argument falls apart. From her name (which she ripped from a Queen song) to her music to her every look, everything has been done before. Even the meat dress she wore this week was done by Elsa Schiaparelli more than 70 years ago. This is not making a knowing cultural reference, it's not having a single idea of one's own. Now, lack of originality isn't necessarily a bad thing â?? heaven knows Madonna copied plenty of people along the way. But it is a problem when originality is supposed to be one's greatest quality. The fact is, she is little more than a Grace Jones copyist with more gratuitous nudity and worse music.
Despite its traditional image, the Emilia Romagna-based Pollini is bidding to be a new magnet for foreign talent. For its short-lived clothing line it hired textile designer Jonathan Saunders, who has dressed Madonna and Sienna Miller. Now Kirkwood has been handed the job of polishing Pollini's entire image, or, as Aeffe group president Massimo Ferretti puts it, "opening us up to a decidedly more international panorama".
The line-up for next June's festival has yet to be announced, though tickets go on sale on Sunday. Eavis has described booking "the three biggest bands in the world", and one headliner is "an American artist" â?? fans speculate about Madonna â?? "that I've been wanting for years and yonks, and yonks". Glastonbury 2011 "will be on a par with this year, and possibly slightly better even", Eavis said. While U2 have been invited back to the festival after cancelling this year's appearance, Eavis said "We don't know yet," about the Irishmen. Tickets for next year's festival go on sale from 9am this Sunday.
Some working with patients say that the rise in what are called late-onset eating disorders is linked to some women in their 40s and 50s feeling under pressure to look young because of the prominence of age-defying older female celebrities, such as Madonna and Sharon Stone.
He earned world headlines and sent Penthouse sales rocketing with publication of nude photographs of Miss America, Vanessa Williams, in 1984 and Madonna in 1985.
The Williams pictures cost the first black Miss America her crown but made her a household name. The Madonna photos, taken years before when she was a model, sparked a bitter fight between Penthouse and Playboy, each claiming their pictures were sexier and rushing them into print in July 1985.
Dolce and Gabbana's relationship dates back to 1980. Possibly the biggest of their many breakthroughs came when Madonna asked them to design the outfits for her 1993 Girlie Show tour. By the mid-2000s, their group's turnover had topped â??750m.
Their current advertising campaign, starring muse and longtime collaborator Madonna, checks off some major Dolce messages. It's suggestive and witty â?? she scrubs the floor in a velvet gown, hitched up around her thighs. There's a hunk wearing a white vest â?? the label invented the vest-as-daywear look. And the clothes worn by Madonna include brand signatures, such as lace, leopard and polka dots.

Well,uh,my mom used to let me dress up like madonna,and she didn't care.
Moja mama pozwalała mi ubierać się jak Madonna i niespecjalnie się tym przejmowała.

And if it comes out... then not even your Madonna can help us.
I jeśli wszystko się wyda... to już nawet Madonna nas nie uratuje.

Madonna, I may as well tell you now.
Mogę ci już powiedzieć. Odchodzę.

I bet even Madonna has difficulty with her shoes.
Założę się, że nawet Madonna ma problemy ze skarpetkami.

A Madonna and child for the new world.
Madonna i dziecko, czekające na nowy świat.

Madonna is 44 time all the way through.
Madonna ma tempo 44 przez cały czas.

So, you think that the Stooges should go on before Madonna?
Więc sądzisz, że Stooges powinni wystąpić przed Madonną?

So guys have it all... the Madonna and the whore.
Więc faceci mają wszystko... Madonnę i dziwkę.

That Madonna's a lousy actress, and so are you.
Że Madonna jest kiepską aktorką, i ty też.

But your uncle, Madonna, does he eat alone!
Ale twój wuj, Matko Boska, żre sam.

The Madonna might have mercy on my uncle.
Może Madonna okaże łaskę i mojemu wujowi.

I'll never go out with Madonna again.
Nigdy więcej nie umówię się z Madonną.

You far more beautiful than my Madonna.
Jesteś o wiele piękniejsza niż moja Madonna. I starsza.

There goes Madonna early in the morning.
Oto idzie Madonna wcześnie rano.

That's how I feel when I look at my Madonna.
Tak właśnie się czuję patrząc na moją Madonnę.

I have a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she did Lucky Star.
Mam tłuszczyk, jak Madonna w Lucky Star, a to nie to samo.

I'm so cool, I'll be known by one name, like Madonna and Hitler.
Jestem bardzo fajne, Będę znany przez jedną nazwą, jak Madonna i Hitlera.

They cry out that they see the Madonna.
Krzyczą i mówią, że znowu widziały Madonnę.

I gotta get this heart to Madonna.
Muszę zdobyć to serce dla Madonny.

We could sell him to Madonna!
Możemy sprzedać go Madonnie!

Have you heard about the Madonna?
Słyszałaś o madonnie?

I saw you, Rosalia, as pure and beautiful as the Madonna.
Wczoraj widziałem cię na procesji, Rozalio. Byłaś piękna i czysta jak Madonna.

Donald Trump jumped off a building, landed on Madonna.
Donald Trump wyskoczył przez okno i wylądował na Madonnie.

And I'm pretty sure the next step will occur here, in Florence. Madonna mia.
Jestem całkiem pewny, że kolejny etap będzie miał miejsce tu, we Florencji.

Madonna exploit her sexuality on her own terms.
Madonna wykorzystuje swoją seksualność na własnych warunkach.

There must be some explanation. She's a Madonna.
Musi być jakieś wyjaśnienie ponieważ dla mnie Milli jest jak boginii.

So were you actually born Madonna?
Urodziłaś się tak?

Did the Madonna give you mercy?
Czy Madonna uczyniła wam łaskę?

I'm going to see the Madonna... and I know exactly what I'll ask for.
Ja się wybieram i wiem o co będę prosić... Matkę Boską Miłosierdzia.

When I, you - Oh, look, it's the Madonna twins.
Kiedy ja, ty - Och, popatrz, to jest bliźniacy Madonna.

Pray to the Black Madonna for me.
Pomódl się do Czarnej Madonny, także za mnie.

I was better than Madonna.
I było lepiej niż Madonna.

I'm sure the Madonna's real happy.
Jestem pewien Madonna jest szczęśliwa.

Just like you would see people... over Madonna or...
Tak jak się widzi ludzi oblegających Madonnę,

The Madonna is over there!
Tam jest Madonna!

This one is elegant, like madonna in evita,
W tej wyglądasz elegancko, jak Madonna w Evicie.

Brown house with the Madonna.
Brązowy dom z Madonną.

And I'd really hate to upset Madonna.
A ja bym bardzo nie chciała denerwować Madonny.

Madonna needs a heart transplant?
Madonna potrzebuje transplantacji serca?

Madonna looks like Elvis too.
Nawet Madonna wygląda jak Elvis.

No, Madonna is a writer.
Nie, Madonna jest pisarką.

Wow, her friend's got madonna arms.
A jej koleżanka ma ramiona jak Madonna.

I am very happy that the Madonna deI Parto probably be in the film.
Jestem bardzo uradowany, że Madonna del Parto prawdobodobnie będzie w filmie.

Who was single-handedly responsible for Madonna's comeback.
Który był odpowiedzialny za powrót Madonny.

Madonna, she looks fast, your ship.
Madonna, wygląda na szybki, twój statek.

Even Madonna eventually got married.
Nawet Madonna w końcu wzięła ślub.

Some of these stars have attained one-name status, kinda like Madonna or Cher.
Niektóre z tych gwiazdek mają znane pseudonimy. Na przykład Madonna albo Cher.

Renting is more ancient than Madonna's boobs!
Wypożyczanie jest bardziej antyczne niż cycki Madonny!

I feel like Madonna!
Czuję się jak Madonna!