Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) rodzaj lnianej tkaniny;

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Praktyczny słownik religijny angielsko-polski 2005, Krzysztof Czekierda

geogr. Holandia

Wielki słownik wojskowy angielsko-polski

geogr. Holandia

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The Afrikaans-speaking TAU operates from rundown offices on the outskirts of Pretoria. It is the smaller and more conservative of two unions representing South African commercial farmers, and belongs to the Afrikaner Front (AF) â?? an umbrella organisation that includes Terre'Blanche's white resistance movement, the AWB. The AF believes South Africa was built on the blood and toil of the 17th-century white settlers from Holland and France, and was given away to the black majority by traitors who entered into negotiations with the African National Congress, such as the former president FW de Klerk.
10.45am: So what are you thoughts on the opening game? For a long time I've assumed it would be a straightforward Mexico victory: defending at set pieces apart, they were decent against England and Holland and the altitude in Johannesburg won't be a problem. Now, though, I'm not sure sure; South Africa were surprisingly impressive against Denmark recently and will have 88,000 people cheering them on. Instead, I'll watch the opening few minutes and, if it's an open game, will consider backing over 2.5 goals at a price likely to be 2-1. Why? Well, Mexico score goals and concede them: they scored at least one goal in 83% of their qualifiers and conceded at least one in 66% of them too. Then there's the new Jabulani ball, which Brazilian keeper Julio Cesar has described as "something from a grocery store", and might lead to the odd goalkeeping mistake or two.
Holland (Grolsch Weizen, Heineken, Premiant Hopburst)Denmark (Carlsberg Export, Mikkeller Single Hop)Japan (Asahi)Cameroon (Cameron's 6th Sense)
Holland aren't exactly playing Total Alcoholism, but they have improved since they upped their game and made Heineken a 5% beer. Grolsch Weizen is a reasonable witbier as well. Denmark's main player is Carlsberg, which is actually very nice in Copenhagen even though it's a palate-botherer over here, but watch out for the maverick Mikkelle Single Hop. Japan's Asahi never hurt no-one â?? "a crisp golden lager with a dry, almost sarcastic, finish" says Pseuds Corner Beer Genie, while Cameroon are disqualified for a pun so bad we're annoyed we didn't think of it ourselves (Cameron/Cameroon, see?).
It's desperately tight at the top: all three beat Cameroon by default, and drew with each other. Eenie meenie etc... Denmark and Holland it is.
9.10am: So, to today's matches, starting with Holland v Denmark. Certainly on form alone, the Dutch are rightly one of the five or six favourites for the World Cup - they had a 100% record in qualifying, have beaten some decent teams in the warm-up and have a forward line of Arjen Robben - when fit - Wesley Sneijder and Robin Van Persie, with Rafael van der Vaart, Dirk Kuyt and Hamburg winger Ejero Elia also able to come in. But can you trust their defence? Joris Mathijsen and Johnny Heitinga are not the strongest centre-backs in this tournament, while 35-year-old Giovianni van Bronckhorst looks like he wlll be plugging away at left back. They may prove to be the European Argentina; great going forward but susceptible to a well-organised and defensively well prepared side. Could that side be Denmark, who they play today? In Danes' favour, they topped perhaps the toughest European qualifying group ahead of Portugal and Sweden - but on paper they look ordinary.
SAboytjie: - "I am loving your blog. Here in SA we are so pleased to host SWC 2010 we are not really noticing the standard of play which I agree with others is low. But is bound to improve (?). I went to to the Holland Denmark game yesterday and found to my surprise that the vuvuzelas are nowhere nearly as intrusive at the match itself than on the TV. But when Holland scored that excellent second goal the sound of 85 000 people applauding was simply overwhelming. Marvellous stuff!"
9.19am: More news on the Dutch fans held by Fifa for several hours during the Holland v Denmark game for wearing an outfit designed by a Dutch beer company.
"Following claims by Fifa that official 2010 World Cup tickets may have been used for ambush marketing, ITV has reviewed its entire ticket allocation for the tournament," ITV said in a statement. "Immediate investigations indicated that a block of ITV tickets would appear to have been used for unauthorised purposes during the Holland v Denmark match.
The incident emerged after Fifa moved to quash an attempt by the brewers Bavaria to follow an advertising campaign in Holland by placing 36 women in distinctive orange dresses in the Soccer City stands.

I've went out with every girl on that list in Holland.
Umówiłem się z każdą dziewczyną z listy, która mieszka w Holandii.

Holland's about to tell them everything, If she hasn't already.
Holland zaraz im wszystko powie, o ile już tego nie zrobiła.

Did you guys know that Holland is the only country with a national dog?
Wiedzieliście, że Holandia, to jedyne państwo, które ma państwowego psa?

The name of the town, in Holland, where he lives.
Tak się nazywa miasto w Holandii, gdzie on mieszka.

My father is one of the best managers in Holland.
Mój ojciec jest jednym z najlepszych kierowników w Holandii.

We follow the ferry, but not the one going to Holland.
Płyń za promem, ale nie za tym co płynie do Holandii.

I hardly knew anything about what was happening in Holland.
Prawie nic nie wiedziałam o tym co się dzieje w Holandii.

Go to Holland and ask him if it bothers you.
Jedź tam i zapytaj, jeśli nie daje ci to spokoju.

Mom said if you want some more, you have to call Holland.
Mama powiedziała, że jeśli chcesz więcej, musisz dzwonić do Holandii.

Tell me everything you know about this holland person.
Powiedzcie mi wszystko, co wiecie o tej Holland.

And holland may be crazy, but she was right.
Może i Holland jest wariatką, ale miała rację.

My father never intended to become old in Holland.
Mój ojciec nigdy nie chciał zestarzeć sie w Holandii.

Some say Buck changed after he was shot in Holland.
Niektórzy mówili, że Buck zmienił się po tym jak został postrzelony w Holandii.

If holland's here, I need to talk to her.
Jeśli jest tu Holland, muszę z nią porozmawiać, cały dzień próbowałem.

Last week your mother and I could have captured Holland alone.
Tydzień temu ty, ja i twoja matka mogliśmy sami wyzwolić Holandię.

Blair and I will keep our eye on holland.
Blair i ja będziemy mieć na oku Holland.

We're looking for holland, who claims she slept with rufus.
Szukamy Holland, która twierdzi, że spała z Rufusem.

Why don't we call holland... and have her tell us herself?
Wiesz co? Może zadzwonimy do Holland... i niech sama nam powie?

Holland is one example where an excellent legislative framework has been developed for part-time work.
Holandia jest przykładem doskonałych ram prawnych opracowanych dla zatrudnienia w niepełnym wymiarze godzin.

I cannot believe we both worked at Holland and Bowen.
Nie mogę uwierzyć, że oboje pracowaliśmy w Holland i Bowen.

He was discovered only recently although he lived in Holland over two centuries ago.
Odkryto go dopiero niedawno... ...chocia¿ ¿y3 ju¿ ponad dwa wieki temu w Holandii.

Eugene holland was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking.
Eugene Holland dostał wyrok 20-tu lat więzienia za handel narkotykami.

When i was staying in holland, was a master of this.
Herr Rubens, którego płótna zawsze przystawałem podziwiać, gdy przebywałem w Holandii, był tego mistrzem.

Tell her we got her a present from Holland.
Powiedz jej że mamy dla niej prezent z Holandii.

Do you know every thing happened in Holland?
Wie pan, co dzieje się w Holandii?

Buck got shot in his rather large butt in Holland.
Buck dostał w dupę w Holandii.

In Holland they have a lot of money.
W Holandii ludzie mają mnóstwo pieniędzy.

We see that in Holland, they are considered a national security risk, and databases are coming to light there, too.
Widzimy, że w Niderlandach uważa się, że stanowią oni zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa narodowego i okazuje się, że tam także istnieją takie bazy danych.

Both Holland and England were determined to share in this wealth.
Holandia i Anglia były zdeterminowane by dzielić się zyskami.

People are saying you're behind this holland thing.
Ludzie mówią, że to ty stoisz za sprawą z Holland.

A few weeks in Holland, then we go on to the Far East.
Jedziemy na parę tygodni do Holandii, a potem na tournée na bliski wschód.

My father really feels at home in Holland.
Mój ojciec naprawdę czuje się w Holandii jak w domu.

No, this is the first train from Holland.
Nie, to pierwszy transport z Holandii.

As mayor of New Holland, you have entrusted me with your safety.
Jako burmistrzowi Nowej Holandii, musicie powierzyć mi swoje bezpieczeństwo.

My father was born in Holland, and my grandfather.
Mój ojciec i mój dziadek te2.

Then straight to Holland & Dunn in the city.
Potem prosto do Holland & Dunn w mieście.

I heard doc Holland is writing prescriptions for whiskey.
Słyszałam, że doktor Holland wypisuje recepty na whisky.

Tomorrow three airborne divisions will begin landing in Holland.
Jutro trzy dywizje powietrznodesantowe wylądują w Holandii.

Yousef stayed there, didn't want to go to Holland.
Yousef został tam, nie chciał przyjechać do Holandii.

They built New Holland on an abandoned gold mine.
Budują Nową Holandię na opuszczonej żyle złota.

What can I bring you back from Holland?
Co mogę ci przywieźć z Holandii?

His sister wanted some wooden shoes from Holland.
Siostra chciała drewniane chodaki z Holandii.

In 2005, the voters of France and Holland decisively rejected the constitution.
W 2005 roku głosujący we Francji i Holandii zdecydowanie opowiedzieli się przeciwko konstytucji.

The ship had come to Scotland via Holland from China.
Statek ten przypłynął do Szkocji z Chin, przez Holandię.

I'il feel even better when we're in Holland.
Ale poczuję się jeszcze lepiej, gdy już będziemy w Holandii.

It's not money you want, is it, Holland?
Nie chodzi ci o pieniądze, prawda, Holland?

Only holland tells him lily and rufus are copper-bottom.
Ale Holland powiedziała mu, że Lily i Rufus są nie do rozdzielenia.

The whole world was then Holland's arena.
Cały świat był wówczas holenderską areną.

Miss Holland wouldlike you to wait here, sir.
Panna Holland prosi, by pan zaczekał.

Why else would half Morocco live in Holland?
Z jakiego innego powodu połowa Maroka żyłaby w Holandii?