Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Adjective) życzliwy, o dobrym sercu;

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Wordnet angielsko-polski

(showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity
"was charitable in his opinions of others"
"kindly criticism"
"a kindly act"
"sympathetic words"
"a large-hearted mentor")
łaskawy, wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny
synonim: charitable
synonim: benevolent
synonim: kindly
synonim: sympathetic
synonim: openhearted
synonim: large-hearted

Przykłady użycia

Przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

The Jihad Jane case in America, by contrast, could happen only now, with this timely confluence of global communication and a terrorist movement whose targets are international. Jihad Jane, whose real name is Colleen LaRose, was arrested last year over her plan "to do something, somehow, to help suffering Muslims": it stretched, in the end, to a conspiracy to murder the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. The 46-year-old has been accused of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, and kill a person in a foreign country. She is also suspected of having trawled the internet looking for other women with US passports who could more easily go about the skirmishes of Jihad undetected. Her boyfriend of five years had no idea of these activities. "She was a good-hearted person. She pretty much stayed around the house," Kurt Gorman told the press. She was active on the site revolutionmuslim.com, and this is not a place you'd stumble into. What led her there is unknown, but behind the sudden veil-wearing and talk about eternal bliss, this looks like a sad story about grief. In 2005, following the death of her father, LaRose tried to commit suicide. Obviously the causal links are complicated, but she wasn't trying to kill cartoonists before then. If LaRose had conceived an irrational hatred against a neighbour, this would have been a containable affair. But there's an Alice in Wonderland effect on the internet, where a person taken out of his or her context can take on epic proportions in an unfamiliar landscape, usually not in a good way. When physical space is collapsed, people can find themselves a long way from home.
One of the standout characters in Rev is the archdeacon, a stage villain who swishes into each episode to spread crisp, prissy menace, like Malcolm Tucker minus the swearing. Rev is stuffed with good one-liners and is darker than Dibley, but Hollander credits director Peter Cattaneo with infusing the series with a similar good-hearted comic tone to the one he lent The Full Monty. Despite its success, he doesn't know yet if there will be another series.
Rather than shielding his face, or throwing coffee, as is the usual interaction between celebrities and tmz.com paps, Pe??a made a good-hearted giggle at the journalist's attempts to speak Spanish. Even tmz.com was charmed: "Chilean Miner â?? Blinded by Terrible Spanish", was the website's uncharacteristically good natured headline.

But he's such a good-hearted boy, I tell you.
Ale jest takim dobrodusznym chłopcem, mówię wam.

She's credulous and good-hearted, she believes everything out of kindness.
Dlatego, że jest łatwowierna i dobra, a przez dobroć wierzy we wszystko.

Your father was so good-hearted.
Twój ojciec miał tak dobre serce.

Well, aren't you a good-hearted, employed, sober fella.
Ale z ciebie dobry, zatrudniony, trzeźwy gość.

He's a smart, successful, beautiful, good-hearted man.
Jest mądrym utalentowanym, pięknym mężczyzną o wielkim sercu.

I loved that silly, generous, good-hearted fool.
Kochałem tego wspaniałomyślnego głuptasa.

No, he won't, he's so good-hearted.
Nie, nie pozna, jest taki dobroduszny.