Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) afgan;

(Adjective) afgański;

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n C Afgańczyk.adj afgański

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adj afgański
n Afgańczyk, Afganka

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Wordnet angielsko-polski

(a coat made of sheepskin)
synonim: sheepskin coat

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adj. afgański

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The Alfred P Murrah building in Oklahoma City was bombed at 9.01 in the morning, as a normal working day on the Great Plains was getting under way â?? not by Islamic fundamentalists plotting in Afghan caves, but by a paramilitary unit of Americans who called themselves "patriots", led by a former serviceman and 1991 Gulf war veteran, Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was executed in 2001, and his principal accomplice, Terry Nichols, is serving life.
Early the next morning we were in a Chinook, hugging the contours of the rocky peaks and then sprinting across the landing zone to avoid getting shot at. I found big, brash 27-year-old Captain Dan Kearney, dubbed the Lord of the Korengal Valley, in the well-equipped medic's tent. On the bed sat a boy with blood-stained eyes, his face covered in gashes. He wouldn't or couldn't talk. The villagers said he was wounded by the American bomb that also killed two women. Two more women were wounded and outside the gate, but the villagers wouldn't let them be treated because the medic was a man. The women could die, said the medic. The men still refused. "Welcome to my life," said Dan. Taliban attack his soldiers from the villages. He retaliates. Afghan women and children die.
"Pull out his eyes, apologise; apologise, pull out his eyes". The old, taunting rhyme bounced in my head as I looked into the eyes of an Afghan woman lying limp and frightened on a hospital bed down the valley in Kunar's capital. Attached to her was a nursing child. The bomb had landed on her house, killing her husband. Her eyes moved behind me, seemed to tour the room; then, seeing no salvation, they lost focus. There were other wounded women in the beds. One had lost her husband a year ago in a feud, and now her teenage son had been killed in the bombing. She was asking the doctor, me, anyone who'd listen, "Who will take care of me?" The doctor translated for them and then pursued me down the hall, urging me to tell the Americans to please stop bombing their villages. "It's too much, it's too much," he said. He was young, with a creased, tired face and was craning his head to catch up with me. "Please tell them," he said. "They might listen to you. They won't listen to us."
I settled into life with the soldiers, sharing their bunkers, barns, cots, and spine-breaking 4am hikes. I scavenged their care packages for chicken-noodle soup and shampoo. One night, Lynsey and I were deep inside the back of a Humvee with two young, insecure intelligence officers at the helm as we set off for an all-night mission to capture Taliban. A truckload of Afghan special forces in our convoy had just driven over a cliff.
When I had boarded the helicopter to come back to the Korengal, I armed myself with the heroic tales of pregnant women I'd known. There was my friend Ayub's mother, who was harvesting tobacco when she delivered the last of her eight children in Halabja. And the Bosnian woman who was nine months pregnant when the militias attacked her town. As she fled through the mountains, mortars exploding around her, she went into labour. A villager scooped her up in a wheelbarrow, and there she gave birth to her son. Maybe stories are nourishment. Because as bad as it got â?? like at the end of an 18-hour patrol, when I ended up on the medics' trolley suffering from dehydration, and felt my body sucking hungrily on the juices of two IV drips â?? I compared my situation with the wheelbarrow or the Afghan women, and I couldn't really complain.
Death in the Korengal had many arrangements. A girl died of shrapnel wounds, maybe American shrapnel, maybe insurgents'. Her father gave her bracelets to a soldier who'd tried to save her. A sergeant died of a sniper's bullet because he was giving visitors a tour. A US Marine training Afghan soldiers died in an ambush defending Afghan soldiers. Soldiers had to kill their dogs. (The higher-ups figured they had diseases.) Death was a daily dialogue. One night I watched a flea bouncing on my distended belly. I drifted off and dreamt that the baby was in a rubbery goat-skinned wine sack, suffocating and shrinking. The night before I'd dreamt she was a dwarfed donkey. Some nights, after a day of jets ripping the land apart with 2,000lb bombs, and insurgents crashing mortars into the base, I'd put earphones on my stomach, hoping the vibrations of Horowitz playing Mozart's B-flat sonatas would soothe her. And every night she soothed me against despair and mortality.
3am. TWO NIGHTS LATER. We're hiking above the tree line in the dark, and I can't figure out how to work my night-vision goggles, and I'm freezing and everything's throbbing in pain, and I can see no reason to be searching abandoned Afghan summer cottages. I have an epiphany. Up ahead, I can make out a boulder. As soon as I reach it, I'll just slip behind, lie down, and go to sleep. I have another epiphany: if I stop moving I'll freeze. Then suddenly the line's stopped. There's a soldier worse off than me. "Get the fuck up, Spino," shouts an officer. "Get the fuck up, fucking Spino." I love you, Spino. I lie down on my pack, and now the throbbing makes me cry, and if I don't pee, I'm going to explode. I start counting the stars.
Four Afghan soldiers began dragging his body through the dried leaves and branches, and Raeon, a fellow scout, lost it on them, me, the world. He shoved the Afghans aside and lofted Rougle up over his shoulder, fireman-style, drenching his back in Rougle's insides. I turned away. My tape recorder stopped working, and I was forced to take notes. The job is the only thing that saves you.
finally I left the soldiers and the mountains, though not before telling Dan what he already knew â?? that I was six months pregnant. It wasn't until I was back in civilian life in Kabul that I began to worry. I'd contracted some Afghan illness. "Time for you to go home," wrote my brother. "You are not built like Afghan women. We are from shtetl, not mountain people." But I was stubborn. My friend Najib, a doctor and journalist, took my blood pressure with a kit he'd ordered from the internet, and it read 70 over 40. "I'd be dead, Najib." "Well, you look horrible, and it's really low." What was worse, I couldn't feel the baby's flutters any more. He called a friend with a sonogram machine.
It was raining, cold, dark, and electricity was out in much of the city. We entered an old building cratered by Cold War rockets. Najib pushed me past the patients waiting in the blacked-out hallway. I was rushed into a room and greeted by a tall, smiling Afghan doctor who'd studied in Indiana. By the time I was on my back, shirt up, a guy began banging on the door and shouting: why the hell did the foreigner cut the line? I was sure he was going to crash through the door, exposing me to the crowd. I wondered how they could be so patient with us â?? we'd caused bombings, kidnappings, massive rent inflation, and we threw our weight around in big SUVs, cutting corners, queues, and laws, just like the warlords.

I believe that is also the opinion of the Afghan people.
Wierzę, że zdanie to podziela również naród afgański.

One simple fact: you couldn't try to call an Afghan at 8:30in the evening.
Jeden prosty fakt: Nie dodzwoniłeś sie do Afgańczyka o 8:30wieczorem.

For this reason we should act together to support Afghan society and reconciliation projects.
Dlatego wspólnie powinniśmy wspierać afgańskie społeczności obywatelskie oraz projekty na rzecz pojednania.

However, these enormous sums of money are not doing the Afghan people any good.
Te ogromne sumy pieniędzy nie przyniosły jednak żadnego pożytku narodowi afgańskiemu.

The money I've still got is for the Afghan workers.
Pieniądze, które wciąż mam są dla afgańskich robotników.

Therefore, the Afghan people are just following basic liberal market principles.
Afgańczycy postępują więc zgodnie z podstawowymi zasadami wolnego rynku.

Our future support must help build a government that is responsive to the needs and the concerns of the Afghan people.
Przyszłe wsparcie z naszej strony musi dotyczyć budowy rządu wrażliwego na potrzeby i problemy ludności afgańskiej.

On the other hand, we must stop interfering in Afghan affairs.
Z drugiej strony musimy zaprzestać wtrącania się w wewnętrzne sprawy afgańskie.

All this, however, should not mean that the international community abandons the Afghan cause.
Wszystko to nie powinno jednak oznaczać, że społeczność międzynarodowa przestanie zajmować się kwestią afgańską.

It is well known that the Afghan Army and police force are in a difficult financial situation.
Wiemy, że sytuacja ekonomiczna armii i policji afgańskiej jest bardzo trudna.

We are trying to take practical, pragmatic action to assist part of the Afghan population.
Staramy się podjąć praktyczne, pragmatyczne działania, aby pomóc afgańskiej ludności.

We must also of course continue to win the hearts of the Afghan people.
Musimy również nadal próbować zjednywać sobie serca Afgańczyków.

The report also highlights the fact that the distribution of money and international aid does not reach the Afghan people.
W sprawozdaniu podkreśla się również, że pieniądze i pomoc międzynarodowa nie docierają do ludności afgańskiej.

Memar, we heard that an Afghan worker fell from this building.
Memar, słyszeliśmy, że afgański pracownik spadł z tego budynku.

Three million Afghan refugees are living like poorly treated livestock.
Trzy miliony afgańskich uchodźców żyje jak podle traktowane bydło.

But, of course, we also see the necessity for a genuine commitment by our Afghan partners.
Jednakże widzimy też oczywiście potrzebę prawdziwego zaangażowania po stronie afgańskiej.

Finally, it is possible to support the Afghan institutions while, at the same time, drawing attention to their severe limitations.
Na koniec możemy wspierać instytucje afgańskie, a zarazem zwrócić uwagę na ich mocne ograniczenia.

Yet the Afghan constitution contains a clause on the right to freedom of speech.
Zastanawiające jest to, że w konstytucji Afganistanu jest zapis o prawie do wolności słowa.

We must at last make progress with retraining the Afghan police force and judiciary.
Musimy w końcu poczynić postępy w zakresie szkolenia afgańskich sił policyjnych i sędziów.

But as per Afghan customs, such a baby is a bastard
Jednak wg. Obyczajów afgańskich takie dziecko to bękart

Intelligence reports said there were three high-ranking Afghan militants in this car.
Służby wywiadowcze odkryły, że były tam trzy wysokiej klasy afgańscy wojownicy w tym pojeździe.

The Afghan King was asked to send 500 of his warriors into battle.
W starożytności w czasie jednej z bitew poproszono króla Afgańskiego On wysłał tylko pięciu.

I welcome the goal of gradually transferring responsibility for security to Afghan forces between now and 2014.
Z zadowoleniem przyjmuję cel stopniowego przekazywania odpowiedzialności za bezpieczeństwo siłom afgańskim w okresie od teraz do 2014 roku.

For many Afghan fundamentalists the place of women is in the home, and not at school or at work.
Dla wielu afgańskich fundamentalistów miejsce kobiet jest w domu, a nie w szkole czy w pracy.

Can you take me to the Afghan border?
Czy możesz mnie zabrać do granicy z Afganistanem?

So far, support has been given for media appearances by Afghan women standing for parliament.
3. Póki co wspierano wystąpienia medialne afgańskich kobiet opowiadających się za zwołaniem parlamentu.

The first is that the kind of state model we provide for Afghanistan does not fit the Afghan tradition.
Po pierwsze, model państwa, który oferujemy Afganistanowi, nie przystaje do afgańskiej tradycji.

How can an Afghan woman in burka... with a child become president?
Jak Afgańska kobieta nosząca burkę... i mająca dziecko może zostać prezydentem?

This was an unsanctioned attack on an Afghan village.
To był niezatwierdzony atak na afgańską wioskę.

Who are we building schools for, when Afghan girls are discriminated against and not allowed access to education?
Dla kogo budujemy szkoły, kiedy afgańskie dziewczynki są dyskryminowane i nie mają dostępu do edukacji?

In the fight against opium production, we must be sensitive to the individual characteristics of the various Afghan regions.
W walce z produkcją opium, musimy zwracać szczególną uwagę na cechy charakterystyczne poszczególnych afgańskich regionów.

So it is obvious, even to the blind, that the Afghan people will go on producing opium come what may.
Nawet dla niewidomych oczywistym jest, że Afgańczycy nadal będą produkować opium bez względu na sytuację.

As much as 70 to 80% of this aid never got to its intended recipients, the Afghan people.
Około 70-80 % tej pomocy nigdy nie dotarło do przewidzianych adresatów, czyli ludności afgańskiej.

He's my comfortable afghan. He's all I can think about.
Ja go uwielbiam, jest moim wygodnym swetrem, jest wszystkim, o czym mogę myśleć.

It goes without saying that this review will be conducted entirely under the authority of the Afghan Government.
Nie trzeba dodawać, że owo sprawdzenie zgodności podlega całkowicie władzy rządu afgańskiego.

The Afghan War will soon have lasted nine years and there is still no sign of any improvement in the security situation.
Wojna afgańska trwa już prawie dziewięć lat i nie ma nawet śladu poprawy sytuacji w zakresie bezpieczeństwa.

Every Afghan family wanted to watch it.
Każda rodzina Afgańska chciała go obejrzeć.

This was a very exciting time, developing this with mywonderful Afghan team.
To był ekscytujący czas, gdy rozwijaliśmy się z moimAfgańskim zespołem.

Three Afghan deals and I'll move on to the big stuff: Speed.
Trzy utargi i przerzucę się na coś mocniejszego: speed.

However, the Afghan people must ensure that it is their own government, not international organisations, that bring about an improvement in living standards.
Jednak Afgańczycy muszą sami zapewnić, by to ich rząd, a nie międzynarodowe organizacje, doprowadził do poprawy warunków życia.

A new combination of all these elements will - it must be hoped - result in a more promising outlook for Afghan citizens.
Wynikiem połączenia tych wszystkich elementów będą - i musimy w to wierzyć - lepsze perspektywy dla afgańskich obywateli.

I must stress that the only political and diplomatic solution is to increase the involvement of the Afghan Government.
Chciałabym podkreślić, że zwiększenie zaangażowania rządu afgańskiego stanowi jedyne i dyplomatyczne rozwiązanie.

I abstained on amendments calling for more support to the Afghan State.
Wstrzymałem się od głosu nad poprawkami wzywającymi do większego wsparcia dla państwa afgańskiego.

Why do some Members reject legitimate criticisms of the Afghan judicial system?
Dlaczego niektórzy posłowie odrzucili uzasadnione słowa krytyki pod adresem afgańskiego systemu sądowniczego?

Our efforts on development will only become sustainable once the Afghan Government becomes more accountable and inclusive.
Podejmowane przez nas wysiłki w zakresie rozwoju odniosą trwały skutek tylko wtedy, gdy rząd afgański stanie się bardziej odpowiedzialny i zaangażowany.

Let us ask the Afghan women who have emerged from hell and have just rediscovered some freedom.
Zapytajmy afgańskie kobiety, które przeszły przez piekło i które dopiero teraz zaczynają odkrywać namiastkę wolności.

You Afghan, it is all your fault.
Wy Afganie, to wszystko wasza wina.

All these efforts have the common objective of reinforcing the sovereignty of the Afghan institutions.
Wszystkie te wysiłki mają wspólny cel - wzmocnienie suwerenności instytucji afgańskich.

Against this backdrop, the political message in this report does not really send the right signal to our Afghan partners.
W tym kontekście przekaz polityczny płynący z przedmiotowego sprawozdania nie wysyła odpowiedniego sygnału do naszych afgańskich partnerów.

Regrettably, Afghan opium production increased 34% this year and constitutes over 90% of global supply.
Niestety produkcja opium w Afganistanie wzrosła w tym roku do 34%, dostarczając ponad 90% opium w skali świata.