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Słownik angielsko-polski PARK
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`wint7(r) n C/U zima: in ~ w zimie; zimą;
(attrib) zimowy.~ cpd~time n zima; czas zimowy.

Słownik angielsko-polski EXETER
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[`wɪntə(r)] zima; zimowy

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['wɪntəɸ] n zima; winter sports sporty zimowe ~| vi zimować

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Wordnet Dictionary

the coldest season of the year, spend the winter, occurring in or appropriate to the season of winter

Webster's Dictionary of English

(n.) The season of the year in which the sun shines most obliquely upon any region; the coldest season of the year., (n.) The period of decay, old age, death, or the like., (v. i.) To pass the winter; to hibernate; as, to winter in Florida., (v. i.) To keep, feed or manage, during the winter; as, to winter young cattle on straw.

Słownik uniwersalny niemiecko-polski
Copyright by Wydawnictwo HaraldG (autorzy: Roman Sadziński, Aleksandra Czechowska-Błachiewicz, Jan Mankowicz)

m, -s , - zima f;
ein strenger ~ surowa zima

Słownik Ekologiczny niemiecko-polski
A. Słomczewska

zima f

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Otwarty słownik niemiecko-polski
V.9.2007, Copyright (c) Jerzy Kazojć - 2007 r.




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Przykłady użycia w języku angielskim

winter meant we couldn't try the canyoning, but we mountain-biked between the sites, and took tea in Bedouin tents.
Professor John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at the HPA, which collects the data said: "The level of flu activity we are currently seeing is at levels often seen during the winter flu seasons, but due to the fact that H1N1 is one of the predominant strains circulating at the moment, we are seeing more severe illness in people under 65 than we would normally expect.
Already this winter there's been a spate of car thefts as opportunistic ne'er do wells tour residential streets looking for defrosting vehicles.
The condition of winter wheat crops is not good.
Lang, der in diesem winter bisher nur im IBU-Cup im Einsatz war, war eigentlich als Ersatzmann fr Simon Schempp (Uhingen) fr den Sprint am Freitag (14.