Wordnet polsko-angielski

1. (a rude expression intended to offend or hurt
"when a student made a stupid mistake he spared them no abuse"
"they yelled insults at the visiting team")
abuse, insult, revilement, contumely, vilification
synonim: obelga
synonim: zniewaga
synonim: obraza
synonim: policzek
synonim: znieważenie
synonim: afront
synonim: dotknięcie
synonim: dyshonor
synonim: ujma
synonim: poniżenie
synonim: epitet

2. (a feeling of aversion or antipathy
"my dislike of him was instinctive")
dislike: : synonim: niechęć
synonim: alergia
synonim: animozja
synonim: ansa
synonim: antypatia